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More flexibility in installing the end lock

Within the passable AIO lifeline system the end lock attachment is crucial in order to guarantee the highest possible security.For even more flexibility we have combined three corner end lock fasteners into one end lock attachment, the AIO-EB-15.

AIO lifeline systems guarantee the greatest possible freedom of movement – they can move on both sides without having to reattach or unmount.

In order to ensure more flexibility in the angle of the end lock, the corner end lock fasteners (90°) AIO-EB-13 and (30° to 180°) AIO-EB-14 will be replaced by our standard end lock fastener AIO-EB-15. (see fig.) AIO-EB-13/-14 are discontinued models.

AIO-EB-15 can be installed on these substructures:


To be able to form corner, 2 pieces of our AIO-EB-15 are needed.

Certified according to EN 795C

You can also find the AIO-EB-15 on our website.

Please contact our sales department for any further questions and information: +43 7619 22122-0

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