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LIGHT-FLEX-RWA - for closed and open skylights

The next logical extension of the LIGHT product group: Through the split version it is able to handle barriers such as cylinders and in the width it adapts perfectly to the given situation.

  • Solution for RWA light couplings with additional stiffening rail
  • Three setting ranges:
    • 1165 mm: 800 to 1165mm
    • 1525 mm: 1150 to 1525 mm
    • 1900 mm: 1525 to 1900 mm
  • Mounting with standard self-drilling screws, no additional mounting screws / holes necessary
  • Certification according to the state of the art: GS-BAU-18, EN 1873:2016, EN 14963:2006

Available as of now! For detailed information about the product or orders/planning, please contact our sales back office T: +43 7619 22122-0 |

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